Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free? #

Yes, the basic version of Stock Desktop Widget is free for all users, and available for download from Microsoft Store.

Do the gadgets stay on my desktop? #

Yes, unless you choose to disable them. When you start your computer, the gadgets/charts stay where you left them. They also retain the same size.

Will it drain my battery? #

No! This has always been a very important consideration. Therefore, Stock Desktop Widget has been heavily optimized for performance.

Are the quotes above the charts in real time? #

Yes, for all US markets and many other markets!

I have a feature request. #

Great! All feedback is greatly appreciated, positive or negative. We have a good track record of implementing features requested by my users. Simply submit your feature request within the app, and I'll get back to you with a response.

Where do I download? #

The app is available for download in Microsoft Store on all Windows devices. The product page is available here.

Can I use Stock Desktop Widget Pro on all my devices? #

Stock Desktop Widget Pro grants you a license for all your devices. The license is tied to your Microsoft account. Sign in to Microsoft Store with the same Microsoft account on all your devices. Your license will automatically be detected.